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Telescope Mirror Grinding Abrasives

12 inch mirror blanks 34quot thick 69 samph 16 shipping prices are to the usa not shipping outside the us sorry combined shipping is possible write for a complete mirror making kit with all abrasives polishing compounds pitch and grinding tool included please see our buy telescope mirror.

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  • Mirror Grinding Machine

    Telescope mirror grinding machine based on dennis rechs mom 20 my mirror grinding machine for a long time ive wanted to build a machine for grinding telescope mirrors dennis rechs mom designs finally inspired me to just get up and do it over the years id.

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine

    Rough grinding a 20quot quartz telescope mirror on the fixed mar 07 2010 this video shows how to setup a mirror grinding machine for fixedpost grinding also known as spin grinding or spinning after setup youll see how abrasive and water are applied and how the more gordonwaite.

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Plans

    Mirror grinding machinemy mirror grinding machine for a long time ive wanted to build a machine for grinding telescope mirrors dennis rechs mom designs fi.

  • Mirrormaking Workshop Texas Star Party

    You should provide your own materials including mirror mirror tool and pitch lap abrasives etc we will have some instruction sessions about an hour or more each day on set up amp rough grinding includes getting set upoverview making the tile tool rough grinding fine grinding includes fine grinding measuring sagitta polishing.

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Price In Dominica

    Telescope mirror kits firsthand discovery want to build your own telescope start with one of our telescope mirror kits each kit comes with a telescope mirror blank and all the abrasives silicon carbide grits and white aluminum oxide powders cerium oxide polish and pitch to grind and polish it to your specifications view more.

  • Grinding Kits Telescope

    Grinding thin telescope mirror puntoalloggio telescope mirror kits firsthanddiscovery want to build your own telescope start with one of our telescope mirror kits each kit comes with a telescope mirror blank and all the abrasives silicon carbide grits and white aluminum oxide powders cerium oxide polish and pitch to grind and polish it.

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Price In India

    If you d like to buy a complete mirror grinding kit with all abrasives and grinding tool included chat online mirror grinding machine ahmedabad 20071118 183 my mirror grinding machine for a long time i ve wanted to build a machine for grinding telescope mirrors dennis rech s mom designs finally inspired me to just get up and do it.

  • Telescopemaking Books The Good The Bad And The

    May 07 2011018332it gives detailed information on mirror grinding and on building three different telescopes including a 10inch newtonian and a 12inch cassegrain the prose is a bit formal perhaps due to its translated from french origin the dobsonian telescope is given only a cursory treatment but over all this is still a pretty good book.

  • Stellafane Atm Fine Grinding

    Abrasives you will use a sequence of ever finer grits to smooth your mirror surface and get it ready for polishing there is no set grit sequence but typically each step in the sequence is approximately half the size of the prior grit a typical grit sequence for an 8quot mirror that did rough grinding.

  • Mirror Grinding Stuff Astromart

    Any or all of the quotmirror stuffquot is yours for the postage see photo 1 three 65quot by 75quot pyrex blanks one chipped on one side 2 one 675quot by 1quot blank very white maybe quartz but dont know 3 one 6quotmirror kit with plate glass tool 80 abrasive pitch and ceo2 polishing powder 4 a 6quot f2 spherical mirror.

  • Notes From John Dobsons Telescope Making Class

    Fine grinding in this class uses a smaller progression of abrasives than normal 100 240 400 1000 8 wets each a quotwetquot is the process of putting water and abrasive on the mirror and tool then grinding the mirror against the tool until the abrasive is worn down use warm water for wets 400 and afterwards pouring pitch lap.

  • Jumping Into Mirror Making By Michael Mills

    Jumping into mirror making michael mills i have been preparing to grind my own primary mirror for a long time ive collected many fine books on telescope making and mirror grinding including richard berrys build your own telescope sam browns all about telescopes and jean texereaus how to make a telescopei read through all of these books ordered a 6quot mirror kit from willmannbell and.

  • Telescope Mirrors Blanks Secondaries Grinding Materials

    Telescope mirrors blanks tools testers grinding materials polishing materials aluminising mirror box ronchi laser foucault per kilo 40aud tin oxide grinding powder per kilo 30aud pumice grinding powder per kilo 30aud 80 grade grinding powder per 8quot mirror 2aud 120 quot quot 2aud 220 quot quot 3aud 320 quot quot 4aud 500 quot quot 6aud 1000.

  • Mirror Grinding Take A Class Or Diy Atm Optics And

    May 11 2017018332page 1 of 3 mirror grinding take a class or diy posted in atm optics and diy forum ive been interested in grindingpolishing my own newt mirror for a long time but dont know how to get started as a beginner would you recommend attending a workshop or class or is it possible to make a good mirror using other learning resources such as books and online videos.

  • Grinding Polishing And Figuring Part 2 Polishing

    Fine grinding i change from my rough grinding area to my fine grinding and polishing area after 220 not before 220 is still gritty stuff the quotwquot stroke this is a casual way of describing any stroke that goes forward and backward while progressing left to right or right to left on the mirror.

  • Making A Mirror Astronomy

    Dec 16 2002018332so you really want to build a telescope mirror getting the 80 grit from a local abrasives supply place can save on that grit want to be very careful with the cerium oxide as that part of the making of a mirror is a different process from the grinding of the mirror and you dont want to get the abrasive grits mixed up with the cerium.

  • Telescope Making And Optics Books

    Engineering design and construction of portable newtonian telescopes advanced telescope making techniques volume 1 optics advanced telescope making techniques volume 2 mechanica a manual for amateur telescope makers amateur telescope making the best of amateur telescope making journal build your own telescope the dobsonian telescope how to make a telescope.

  • Hand Grinding A Telescope Mirror Make

    May 30 2014018332this is how you make a telescope mirror out of a hunk of glass use a sand mixture and another piece of glass to grind away the middle of a concave shape repeat with finer and finer grit sand dave barosso demonstrates the technique but to do it yourself try to visit one of the telescope makers workshop s classes on friday nights in oakland.

  • Grinding Down An Aluminium Ring For Telescope Stuck

    Jun 22 2017018332almost all primary mirrors are made from glass with a very thin film coating of aluminum on the first surface the best material i ever found for mirror cells was cloth phenolic 1 inch thick was great because i could mill away all the material not needed for the support points and still have a.

  • How To Grind A Parabolic Mirror For Telescope Yahoo

    May 06 2010018332for a first project make a mirror in the 4quot to 10quot range of diameter itll take a few weekends grinding polishing figuring and coating a small mirror in 1 day can be done but will require some experience in the us get the glass abrasives pitch and polish from newport willmannbell or gotgrit their websites show some prices.

  • Grinding Vs Scraping Practical Machinist

    Jan 20 2005018332the process by which lensmakers usually generate telescope mirrors is what we in the machinist trade call quotloose abrasive lappingquot while lensmakers might call it quotgrindingquot among themselves thansliterating their particular use of quotgrindingquot as a term to another manufacturing arenas can cause confusion.

  • Mirror Grinding Machine Design

    Mirror grinding machine design mirror grinding machine design mirror grinding machine atm optics and diy forum mirror grinding machine design this image shows the 3d model of the overarm assembly i added to my small spinpost grinding machine im building a bigger one now based on the same basic overarm design in the one shown the overarm is.

  • Vintage Telescope Making Glass And Abrasives From The

    Here is a wide assortment of vintage telescope lens and mirror grinding and polishing materials and glass this belonged to my dearest friend who died in 2000 he was a master optician and telescope maker included are various grits and polishing materials there are many lenses and 6 inch mirror blank and polishing tool.

  • Telescope Making Supplies

    You can rely on willmannbells optical grade abrasives because they are accurately graded to ensure that no larger scratch producing sizes or foreign materials are present further special processing steps are used to produce abrasive grains of like shape and edge for.

  • Newport Glass Works Ltd Grinding Polishing And Figuring

    A solid tool traps abrasive in the center of the mirror and resists grinding the mirror spherical when you first start a new and smaller abrasive this shows up as a tendency to form a large bubble in the center especially in the larger abrasives.

  • Tut44 Making A Mirror Grinding Tool

    Want to learn more about newtonian telescopes the internet is replete with information about all types of telescopes typically the primary mirror is made of glass pyrex is commonly used for the primary mirror because of its thermal stability but for small mirrors plate glass will work fine too telescope mirrors are relatively thick.